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Services we offer


Corporate Secretaries International Association, international federation of 15 national professional bodies.

Foundation Wealth

Wealth and asset managers in both the insurance and financial markets industry.

Leisure Island Holidays

Leisure Island Holidays appointed Jona Solutions to develop a web application that enables members to register and join online, and get island holidays at cost.

Leisure Excursions

We developed a comprehensive web application for Leisure Excursions enabling them to update their website in realtime with the information they need, including adding properties, rooms, restaurants, menus, and more.

Sleek Goat

Sleek Goat sell funky wooden eyewear and watches. These sought after fashion accessories are now available to all people in South Africa thanks to the comprehensive eCommerce solution provided by Jona Solutions.

TVR Décor

TVR Décor are suppliers of Laminin Paints in the Eden district. They also offer décor products as well as architectural services.

Luggage Ladies

Another turnkey solution providing for this dynamic business. We designed their logo, business cards, email signatures, brochures and various advertisements. We also created the e-commerce website which contains over 400 products! In addition to this, we also manage their social media profiles.

Gym Company

Gym Company is a national gym group that is constantly growing in size and reputation. Our CMS solutions allows Gym Company to add newly acquired gyms and their staff, class schedules and more quickly and effortlessly!


Macprop specialise in property rentals. Jona Solutions provided them with a complete CMS solution that allows them to instantly load new properties to their website showing details of all their available listings.


Interpast are manufacturers of quality control instruments to the international food and beverage industry. Jona Solutions has developed software for Interpast that interfaces with their hardware recording pasteurisation temperatures for quality control.

High Class Airconditioning

High Class Airconditioning, based in Pretoria, provide custom airconditioning solutions to customers over South Africa on an industrial and commercial level.

Wrap Your Brand

Wrap Your Brand are brand developers that have an impressive portfolio and have been in the business for many years. The offer signage, vehicle wrapping, and all graphic design services.


EeziRider is a company that manufactures easy-to-install, easy-to-tune ECUs and TCUs. Their CMS enables anytime upload of wiring diagrams and documentation for their clients.


Jona Solutions has provided several web, mobile and desktop solutions to Spitronics. Their CMS website which records and tracks their manufactured devices integrates with their Galaxy software, also developed by Jona Solutions for tuning their ECUs and TCUs.


The founders of HALT Lock started with the development a world wide patent that can eliminate vehicle theft completely, giving the vehicle owners peace of mind that once his vehicle is locked and left unattended, it cannot be taken by anyone else.

Erasmus Fairbairn Architects

EF Architects has been running for around 25 years. During this time they have successfully completed a number of developments, predominantly specialising in projects of a leisure and residential nature.


SpitzPower is a division of Spitronics based in Florida, USA. This web solution integrates with the Spitronics website so that any relevant updates to Spitronics site is automatically drawn across to SpitsPowers website too. An example of effortless automation solutions we provide.

MNF Consulting

MNF Consulting are B-BBEE specialist consultants that provide many happy, returning clients with their B-BBEE scorecards.

Rupetec Civil, Electrical and Construction

Rupetec cc. offers many civil and construction solutions to clients all over South Africa. Solutions range from laying of fibre, to erecting in-situ concrete structures. They also provide electrical solutions to residential and commercial clients.

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